A popular career that is important to helping people recover from injury is that of a physical therapy assistant. This is a high paying career that takes only a few years of training to start working professionally. If you are researching this occupation as a possible career move, you’ve come to the right article.

In this article, I’ll tell you a little about the job, the schools and academics, the salaries, and the future prospects for this profession. The outlook is very promising and many are attracted to this field with all the diverse employment opportunities that are available in addition to the handsome salary.

First, let’s look at the reason’s why you might consider this field. If you have an affinity for helping others, if you enjoy providing care for those in various states of needs, then a career in healthcare is probably a good choice for you

It’s important to note that one of the things that make this choice a good one is the ease of entry into the profession. Too many medical professions require so many years of academic training, and additional training that for most of the population, there are too many barriers to entry, including time and expense.

Schools For Your New Career

There are schools for this field in just about every state of the union. What you must first consider is your current lifestyle and financial responsibilities. What I mean is, can you afford to go to school full-time, or should you consider an online program, which can accommodate your schedule and is often far less expensive.

One of the advantages of online learning, is the fact that you can have access to pta programs, that are being taught out of the state you reside in. An additional advantage is that you are not encumbered by limited classroom size.

Many college students today are adversely affected by having to participate on long waiting lists for certain popular or required classes that are limited due to restricted accommodations. With online learning classes, this becomes a moot point.

Another choice you must consider is whether you can afford a private school, vocational school or a public school. The vocational or “for profit” schools do have a place in society.

Although they are very often far more expensive than public schools, they can boast an advantage of entry because they rarely turn down students for admissions. As long as the student can qualify for state and federal loans, the school will enroll the student and defer payment of loans until after graduation.

It must be understood that for most vocational schools, the academic credits achieved, can’t be transferred to most state colleges and universities. If you decide to secure a degree from a state college, any credits you might have accumulated through a vocational school will be worthless.

Beware Of Non-Accredited Programs

In addition, it is important to be warned that there are many vocational schools that are not worth the paper their diplomas are printed on. They sign up as many naive and uninformed students as possible, then provide an education completely lacking in substance. Avoid these scammers by researching the reputation, alumni, and job prospects of recent graduates.

If you are able to attend classes’ full time, you will find that it should only take two years and the acquisition of an associate’s degree to be able to start your career in this profession. It is also worth noting that many public schools can offer tuition for this occupation at less than $4,000 annually.

Two states that are known for providing the best schools for PTA’s are California and Texas. They have some of the best training programs as well as some of the lowest tuition rates. You will find that an abundance of schools are located in coastal states.

Salary And Wages

The mean hourly wage for this occupation is over $23.50 and the mean annual wage is over $49,500, as of May 2010. In fact it isn’t unusual for recent graduates of highly regarded schools to be able to begin earning at least $40,000 annually.

The top ten percent average income is over $68,800 nationally, but what these figures don’t say is the fact that incomes in certain states are averaging over six figures annually. The three top paying states are, New York with an average salary of $113,000, Massachusetts with an average salary of $112,000, and California with an average salary of $104,000.

Working As A PTA

The outlook for this profession is exceptional with anticipated growth of over 30% well through the year 2018. The industries with the highest employment concentrations for jobs are:

  • Offices of Other Health Practitioners
  • General Surgical Hospitals
  • Nursing Care Facilities

The states that offer the most employment opportunities are, Ohio, California, Texas, Pennsylvania and Florida. Because there are so many jobs, the salary levels in these states are also higher.

This career is a great option for those that love to help people and want all the financial rewards that the medical field offers. As you can see, there are many reasons why a career in this field should be considered for your future, all you have to do is take the first step.

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